What is HashKiller?

HashKiller's purpose is to serve as a meeting place for computer hobbyists, security researchers and penetration testers. It serves as a central location to promote greater security on the internet by demonstrating the weakness of using weak hash based storage / authentication.

HashKiller.co.uk is a hash lookup service. This allows you to input a hash and search for its corresponding plaintext ("found") in our database of already-cracked hashes.

In other words, we are not cracking your hash in realtime - we're just caching the hard work of many cracking enthusiasts over the years.

Need a hash cracking?

Note that we do not use terms like "decrypted", "dehashed", or "reversed" - hashes can only be looked up quickly after they've been cracked the hard way.

Last 50 successful hash cracks / founds

# Hash Type Hash / Salt Password Cracked By Date
1 MD5 f482fce6bf0ac61c5aec0a05c0de712b
piposs123 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:32
2 MD5 68830aef4dbfad181162f9251a1da51b
arthur blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:25
3 MD5 9be406b86c39d7ab8bf505fa70f62b5f
106s16ro John_Smith 18-Apr-2019 16:25:17
4 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 c2804a1a0ce3834e04c5341957f8b4ebf520628c
szasz blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:14
5 SHA1 bb5226ad0d70ec83d093c8c1a4d3b2168f1b1ecd
vitorgabriel2016zz Mexx666666 18-Apr-2019 16:25:12
6 SHA1 d33e19854cf8412ebba1547602845b2064f5494f
alfa8462 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:12
7 SHA1 997ea9812052c9ad6a213b77ee2763071212b2d3
beo181290 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:12
8 SHA1 c1a65a7e88b402cdfa204ce1fa9cec3c219865dd
samueloz10 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:11
9 SHA1 da2c704863fdbf23f310cacdde0b66fbcab2dfc9
153312 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:11
10 SHA1 6e95d39aed680f1bbfa9593b000ae4cc6531c625
c1a2i3o4 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:11
11 SHA1 55eba34d61ec59de35a807320cfd62cb060e1213
mitopro123 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:10
12 SHA1 50431090e7c029e5daef01e046af2ec361efbeb7
963810271jr blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:10
13 SHA1 dbd09454aa2b6e705a45243028759cbacb88711a
tomaz123 18-Apr-2019 16:25:10
14 SHA1 54bbc30b2d33b76a64654238f398ce7a4d8d614b
cadmons8919 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:10
15 SHA1 e0d865923b28841aca0ee232f26a34374fa8efff
32711630 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:09
16 SHA1 ef611c6c5b8b63af313072eb4bc81ed3353d77e5
branko2017 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:09
17 SHA1 f189f5be86a1b3830e74e11475bafe0af9d38c28
gtasandreas hasheponge 18-Apr-2019 16:25:09
18 SHA1 7ce5ec3b5037d8ae3e24307786aaf6fd69f605d7
lemoel5821 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:09
19 SHA1 06d238f641614e26f34d2223365a2606e015722f
5545342 18-Apr-2019 16:25:08
20 SHA1 e1ab54bb3eb2535f226bad9562237130d0ab1c58
marlin080985 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:08
21 SHA1 207ba7745fb221da722031883574249619bee17b
teatro25 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:08
22 SHA1 ec3903eaa2f6aba939f2b8143706295aa9de8689
toshiba20 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:07
23 SHA1 54af600d25c9b47e6443f935bdcf4307ad7edea8
bolinha11 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:07
24 SHA1 9513b50328b6eeeeff941c2e2fa6c3f28ddf1b16
moral1994 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:07
25 SHA1 c281298ee7e8e134b9478739b5aa9de1e4703d02
sp75j6xd gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:07
26 SHA1 db6eed62db359e646163b658cc2af319a0a48bcd
hs529415 18-Apr-2019 16:25:06
27 SHA1 18998b4e4e3c5f7eb84330e48d66455f353fae67
felipe157 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:06
28 SHA1 53967c49dc8a194f443980bf3e8b643ef5be740d
99906442h gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:06
29 SHA1 629e74d86119b0be915d6842aeb5738bf23c1010
123ifogo hasheponge 18-Apr-2019 16:25:05
30 SHA1 db923f5c15234489bf18f02d8f0dd316cc9d2b7b
845685202 cvsi 18-Apr-2019 16:25:05
31 SHA1 3edfb029889be273709b0720b86fb76bb838782e
xinhoos1 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:05
32 SHA1 e47ace64c8251d5497e1c337886040fdebadec8c
familia16 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:04
33 SHA1 7bb5c9b344e62a37562d8f5b8d1fefb26582ff81
marcioleo3 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:04
34 SHA1 a3da3ed1b0c75b0172cc03685745ad65d5ebcb20
225546 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:04
35 SHA1 3d5a831727d67b4a22b68748d396b4ae0fb81ddd
Silas147 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:03
36 SHA1 052115882c5ed537f4d1800f07aa896202ff000a
joaovitor blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:03
37 SHA1 8a0235ad345e077aad6c942ec6ca186d4ac9972c
nicolas18 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:03
38 SHA1 66974f6028799f22244591dcdc8e8787a0167ff6
reimo159753 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:03
39 SHA1 5a3e7d269f620c2ccf9cf4e9c718d23d85ef9392
246246 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:02
40 SHA1 9ffaf92ce3ec0429862ac9646e1402c05865bd9a
q1a2z3w4 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:02
41 SHA1 e746506d96d6cb9a49a5d6996d1b026503808e03
18751513 18-Apr-2019 16:25:02
42 SHA1 4a39b5e49d0062a5ef58022134ab8c3adae6ee14
mah34930000 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:01
43 SHA1 96001400283a761943d996b4e4ce93ba81522c49
32341738 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:01
44 SHA1 31811d8213f5043332cb7a6f78dbcfc7fa7ba90d
kappa4head gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:01
45 SHA1 98b0ce1808506f71fad2b6b37f7a6132cdaca923
lollol01 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:01
46 SHA1 4ce0c7a3f7c45f0da5aff802c7d80e760cd9cb5d
rukia12345 blandyuk 18-Apr-2019 16:25:00
47 SHA1 d66e7b807a70e6bbccdb102f4f0d3934b0c4b2c3
jiujiteiro gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:00
48 SHA1 741cc113da084d588c251ca0c25e2a527d78c1fb
mancha83 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:25:00
49 SHA1 fa5084a449122a0b0c13de4afceaf56f86cfa4e5
q7u7dmpw gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:24:59
50 SHA1 42c7f456700ce37004c19b261b9a3004573729f4
marcos3262 gearjunkie 18-Apr-2019 16:24:59

The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Although MD5 was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, it has been found to suffer from extensive vulnerabilities. It can still be used as a checksum to verify data integrity, but only against unintentional corruption. It remains suitable for other non-cryptographic purposes, for example for determining the partition for a particular key in a partitioned database.

In cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 160-bit (20-byte) hash value known as a message digest – typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long. It was designed by the United States National Security Agency, and is a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard.