What is HashKiller?

HashKiller's purpose is to serve as a meeting place for computer hobbyists, security researchers and penetration testers. It serves as a central location to promote greater security on the internet by demonstrating the weakness of using weak hash based storage / authentication.

HashKiller.co.uk is a hash lookup service. This allows you to input a hash and search for its corresponding plaintext ("found") in our database of already-cracked hashes.

In other words, we are not cracking your hash in realtime - we're just caching the hard work of many cracking enthusiasts over the years.

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Note that we do not use terms like "decrypted", "dehashed", or "reversed" - hashes can only be looked up quickly after they've been cracked the hard way.

Last 50 successful hash cracks / founds

# Hash Type Hash / Salt Password Cracked By Date
1 MD5 149658319c0bd43352840f1a054b8fb3
galli 14-Oct-2019 12:57:18
2 MD5 e821a8bfc2c786f275e5d5ea94d519a7
fatih123 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:57:12
3 MD5 149658319c0bd43352840f1a054b8fb3
galli 14-Oct-2019 12:57:05
4 MD5 16110e4bb72d0bd2df15c26044b89873
titougene cvsi 14-Oct-2019 12:56:50
5 MD5 5a1fb42d151e0280c56d768934003f9f
daisy83 VTSTech 14-Oct-2019 12:56:32
6 MD5 b88cae84b79c53bf10d27f2d91141166
marius75 14-Oct-2019 12:56:21
7 NTLM c47b83473c002491ac2f3ddc8d7dbd1e
1qaz2wsx,. 14-Oct-2019 12:56:08
8 NTLM f67f5e3f66efd7298be6acd32eeeb27c
1qaz2wsx 14-Oct-2019 12:56:07
9 MD5 88e74123e739d940a8fbdd59ed777ece
sempai blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:55:59
10 MD5 c95f389ba446138e00958e97952feb75
larochette69400 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:55:44
11 MD5 076d6c0b4e3ba712e71c9dc2ea28c387
25340240 14-Oct-2019 12:55:37
12 MD5 16754f92341ad11f0b4a4020e4525599
15aug2019 test0815 14-Oct-2019 12:55:34
13 SHA1 5a98296d13586711bfddd8c754795d692e868932
Password@147 cvsi 14-Oct-2019 12:55:28
14 SHA1 f00984a70e457667a011d8a670a067e9531edc98
dino1020 cvsi 14-Oct-2019 12:55:27
15 MD5 0d57ee87352da9cc75a3eda63b611999
EJVeO 14-Oct-2019 12:55:25
16 md5(sha1($pass)) a4cd2905b660e8b1bc73a7c4571252da
zuzular uncleHenry 14-Oct-2019 12:55:22
17 MD5 ea62ceda2458916567afa1afa2307ca1
geoffrey blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:55:02
18 NTLM 37c1bdb5a266a17e0e9cf4377d78cbf4
12345678B blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:52
19 NTLM 259745cb123a52aa2e693aaacca2db52
12345678 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:52
20 NTLM 14f743031f9871cb13b9f35a8f026b57
12345678T blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:52
21 NTLM c22b315c040ae6e0efee3518d830362b
123456789 niavamovar 14-Oct-2019 12:54:51
22 NTLM ea34962c8ddeee7ba0690e2aafa8a4a0
12345678L kingdom445 14-Oct-2019 12:54:51
23 NTLM 54ffa68c1030af229781aab7e5663feb
Clave2017 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:51
24 NTLM 0ae7727a6bce827eaa38381bef770dfd
Clave2014 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:51
25 NTLM b4f84d26426c31817630e5c1412dfce7
12345678V blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:50
26 NTLM 0a429e03d183c2273c758579f94ac68a
12345678G blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:50
27 NTLM d03e255157c9098d615f2c77d85ed186
Clave2015 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:50
28 NTLM 90b25c6ef808171bf13197f6b973d2ae
12345678A blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:49
29 NTLM 81eecd9a63dd70101a7fccc955fa9408
12345678S blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:49
30 NTLM 9f4a6562bff74787ccd283e4bf263352
12345678P blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:49
31 NTLM aab18fc914812b53311374564a3ad51f
12345678M blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:48
32 NTLM 430f5d9a6e5bf7e28ce5bbc2bcc6888f
Clave2018 danielyc 14-Oct-2019 12:54:48
33 NTLM f0d8c877a8261f95db147150c6d512fa
12345678R blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:48
34 MD5 6f70c3e692c101ae048a5a22d901a1e2
souchie11 Alphahash 14-Oct-2019 12:54:47
35 NTLM 32ed87bdb5fdc5e9cba88547376818d4
123456 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:46
36 NTLM a41e19c4991d58f3b4fc5222baec18cb
******** blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:46
37 NTLM 1a394f95c7198f9c0690a77c07435719
12345678C blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:46
38 MD5 ae475c872c77a07fb0f6b56b78ede85d
borels69 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:54:30
39 MD5 6e573c8b25e9168e0c61895d821a3d57
$uperpassw0rd test0815 14-Oct-2019 12:54:03
40 MD5 cc681784cde35d8a7c82b6b10e7ae217
dom56dom John_Smith 14-Oct-2019 12:53:57
41 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 099d38ff19e70ce06d383c1aabdcca15c79406f6
zaman123 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:53:47
42 MD5 bd515f74a3078adeeccf94f7853b2ba4
27395863 RoebuckZ 14-Oct-2019 12:53:45
43 MD5 2fbcf798f3054574c6591f40fb41a249
94403346 14-Oct-2019 12:53:41
44 MD5 62026aaed5419a1ceaa229bf6886443e
159951 The_Mechanic 14-Oct-2019 12:53:41
45 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 fa1588dc33c240ff9a3cac1f744531a3db8dd3bd
mrmr1997 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:53:18
46 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 d0a1d05c3bdef06c2e5f803905a3314ddeb2c575
hammersex20 danielyc 14-Oct-2019 12:53:14
47 MD5 0045330e8ba5456d76fec254eca8d66e
Nathal@b49 Kalium 14-Oct-2019 12:53:08
48 MD5 ef4741dc706640f9952d19c71e78b828
autobuz 14-Oct-2019 12:53:05
49 MD5 6c74756383f34027272c050fee76c31f
catalina1999 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:53:04
50 MD5 57e07649ef8eab9dcaa6f2c3dc1ebafa
bucuresti12 blandyuk 14-Oct-2019 12:53:04

The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Although MD5 was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, it has been found to suffer from extensive vulnerabilities. It can still be used as a checksum to verify data integrity, but only against unintentional corruption. It remains suitable for other non-cryptographic purposes, for example for determining the partition for a particular key in a partitioned database. MD5 Decrypt.

In cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 160-bit (20-byte) hash value known as a message digest – typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long. It was designed by the United States National Security Agency, and is a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard. SHA1 Decrypt.

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