What is HashKiller?

HashKiller's purpose is to serve as a meeting place for computer hobbyists, security researchers and penetration testers. It serves as a central location to promote greater security on the internet by demonstrating the weakness of using weak hash based storage / authentication.

HashKiller.co.uk is a hash lookup service. This allows you to input a hash and search for its corresponding plaintext ("found") in our database of already-cracked hashes.

In other words, we are not cracking your hash in realtime - we're just caching the hard work of many cracking enthusiasts over the years.

Need a hash cracking?

Note that we do not use terms like "decrypted", "dehashed", or "reversed" - hashes can only be looked up quickly after they've been cracked the hard way.

Last 50 successful hash cracks / founds

# Hash Type Hash / Salt Password Cracked By Date
1 MD5 d1e185c1f046029d77eefd4628899f8f
semenindonesia N|IGHT5 21-May-2019 03:38:54
2 MD5 e368f29faa4b8fe51e06a1992e454ead
matondang blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:38:33
3 MD5 7b973f90d14804de849c3a6c1b76ecc4
kelsinhapb John_Smith 21-May-2019 03:38:23
4 MD5 307e1943db4ad28f90a1a0179c6f2e3b
nobreg blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:38:11
5 MD5 a8f910ea6075b6376af079055965ff68
4train 21-May-2019 03:38:05
6 MD5 65580351038e2980c9c650c83a0166da
irismar 21-May-2019 03:38:00
7 MD5 ac6a209963fd952c145367770d9ef296
302210kel blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:45
8 MD5 5574d66def6b9360fce2d46d63e70951
girassol blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:35
9 MD5 4ccbcb3d13e5072ff1d9c61afe2c4f77
2train blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:30
10 MD5 5880c03c6582a7b42248668e56b4bdec
1train blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:24
11 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 f9aa84513578ae7a990bde7daefab2d27b1ef941
u0bjh8hv cvsi 21-May-2019 03:37:24
12 SHA1 81d960c43bded1c056cea6683543a0e19d356e47
43511251 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:22
13 MD5 05c6d9364f6d4331da98d365b282bc30
camila27021989 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:17
14 MD5 08bdba24f01f56d1404fb0a0a66f144b
niken blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:10
15 MD5 804c72a075d0d1fc8e45fcec14e9123d
DEUSEFIEL blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:37:06
16 MD5 707b395ecdcbb4dc2eabea00e4d1b179
0train RoebuckZ 21-May-2019 03:37:03
17 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 f6b68e4a12536cd9649f4004b6ba1835879aa5ad
ciocan99 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:36:55
18 MD5 6e3bda3184f959d38f25ab0f6319da11
dfb54321 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:36:33
19 MD5 f80efaf92c8dbcb2555680427dc50929
prakashji John_Smith 21-May-2019 03:36:21
20 MD5 a1d5d71efa06cd6e77dc92a674b46119
jaidurga hashtka 21-May-2019 03:36:18
21 MD5 202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70
123 21-May-2019 03:36:17
22 MD5 d9140f64e640b5c1fadfa85d85922644
borboletaz Mullog 21-May-2019 03:36:15
23 MD5 d0c2bb69b0a94a6fdc48fd45d5778939
girish@123 danielyc 21-May-2019 03:36:13
24 MD5 1814b683c0902b0bed293c11b451e15e
903210 21-May-2019 03:36:09
25 MD5 0192023a7bbd73250516f069df18b500
admin123 yhi 21-May-2019 03:35:54
26 MD5 44877e77c46144ae4edf41d6db94996d
15996700 21-May-2019 03:35:38
27 MD5 d0c2bb69b0a94a6fdc48fd45d5778939
girish@123 danielyc 21-May-2019 03:35:35
28 MD5 76b3f2330ad11af53b9ab9bdcf099367
ericka23 gearjunkie 21-May-2019 03:35:24
29 MD5 942c2b782ed9f4894573fbea69f08356
190825 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:35:19
30 MD5 4111644a41c989e6f09a4f2b48dd0786
saomamede blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:57
31 MD5 369812bbe7d0a722cb664e4c6f43b4f0
200484 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:50
32 MD5 6427522cf88ce546a98edda3be68b378
anjo14 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:44
33 MD5 d0c2bb69b0a94a6fdc48fd45d5778939
girish@123 danielyc 21-May-2019 03:34:40
34 MD5 8d57ea0a55a4c3b053d4a474bd70eb6d
130243 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:38
35 MD5 f642a680c16b062530b492eed0b1752b
778218 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:32
36 MD5 d8369e883255f6f2fcac48a9177cd5bd
mnfca blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:23
37 MD5 2e80f33787d073c44b3d46589a23e75c
011036 21-May-2019 03:34:19
38 MD5 c4646d2f83c510ab1e7e553cd1e2f710
manuela blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:19
39 MD5 2390a247befecf47ca3a0d8350366ef2
33318596 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:18
40 MD5 18c80e9bd8396c06f399c1b076686289
dei@42585 UncleJay 21-May-2019 03:34:18
41 MD5 4097d66e6e70be5d8fd4fdef3b64f1db
kelly2812 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:17
42 MD5 ee96b36f1c22d2d6fe7950940a60e98e
fefa2111 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:17
43 MD5 b45f1c794d34e3aad50d25ad83930477
56616925 21-May-2019 03:34:17
44 MD5 35360d47bfd1611db627d6119c619c2d
230692 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:16
45 MD5 102a88e20d3961d7539ca7fa8a74dee8
290610 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:16
46 MD5 c63a057a7d2b69d80a02f52bd2d21839
saopaulo blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:16
47 MD5 bbd55dabc2b860657f9913a4dcf19739
assecon2 Mullog 21-May-2019 03:34:15
48 MD5 8a12a56b1bd7f873ada707a3e7c84095
helo1601 Purpleninja225 21-May-2019 03:34:15
49 MD5 dffa2c858b6095bde5345e7316ac33b9
amandamunhoz Mullog 21-May-2019 03:34:14
50 MD5 46e5dbe74ce8868a41c1a14165c42f8f
202428 blandyuk 21-May-2019 03:34:14

The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Although MD5 was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, it has been found to suffer from extensive vulnerabilities. It can still be used as a checksum to verify data integrity, but only against unintentional corruption. It remains suitable for other non-cryptographic purposes, for example for determining the partition for a particular key in a partitioned database. MD5 Decrypt.

In cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 160-bit (20-byte) hash value known as a message digest – typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long. It was designed by the United States National Security Agency, and is a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard. SHA1 Decrypt.