What is HashKiller?

HashKiller's purpose is to serve as a meeting place for computer hobbyists, security researchers and penetration testers. It serves as a central location to promote greater security on the internet by demonstrating the weakness of using weak hash based storage / authentication.

HashKiller.co.uk is a hash lookup service. This allows you to input a hash and search for its corresponding plaintext ("found") in our database of already-cracked hashes.

In other words, we are not cracking your hash in realtime - we're just caching the hard work of many cracking enthusiasts over the years.

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Note that we do not use terms like "decrypted", "dehashed", or "reversed" - hashes can only be looked up quickly after they've been cracked the hard way.

Last 50 successful hash cracks / founds

# Hash Type Hash / Salt Password Cracked By Date
1 MD5 e914896af18aeca46a46a60f3bd9678e
rimbergamo@comcast.net UncleJay 16-Jul-2019 04:00:50
2 MD5 5d656603177053a523532ea7a3bd3d3b
mdangius@yahoo.com Kalium 16-Jul-2019 04:00:49
3 MD5 7b15c01f4e3929780d3b290b14249186
suzzykin@yahoo.com ZEROF 16-Jul-2019 04:00:47
4 SHA1 f0d42d3958750def651eb5e2362e9e693da9718d
dxi4kqqc VladimirMk 16-Jul-2019 04:00:41
5 SHA1 8a48f19610100eab82d977cce07798784bdad86e
pnipz2of John_Smith 16-Jul-2019 04:00:31
6 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 05f5e0c838467254f63a811b858379a48853fd22
keopspiramiti78 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 04:00:28
7 MD5 7513dcf4c646b1af870a41155de65892
lovesamy 16-Jul-2019 04:00:27
8 SHA1 6a93929c3afbb4a2cfce280da21bcc51379c79b3
vitornunes123 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 04:00:19
9 SHA1 5158c515893a96bf17e395ceb26836ec28c0440d
vanilla8 cvsi 16-Jul-2019 04:00:06
10 SHA1 f3ff555ebd58ad84d3183c6a2a64f068eb7d1546
3Guerramundial blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:59:58
11 SHA1 f3ff555ebd58ad84d3183c6a2a64f068eb7d1546
3Guerramundial blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:59:50
12 SHA1 63208308ba51fa2d9e7a3df1f9181ed9a9ff039c
tibiano123 16-Jul-2019 03:59:39
13 MD5 00fcd6f420deceeb6c1906e0994bdd8b
97074997 16-Jul-2019 03:59:28
14 SHA1 348e3c2df6cd12bdf3f69998fdaca2d9e7fd2bff
tiago251 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:59:28
15 SHA1 d12b64b82842955fed6d23a7a3f029bd7294a175
Losalmos123 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:59:06
16 SHA1 c8147b5a1976fba315c01923ddf3cfc6fb79b2ed
a26365431 16-Jul-2019 03:58:35
17 MD5 221e69b91893debd74b9e5ba47322dc6
panjunan27 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:58:29
18 SHA1 2741f5d8a2fdb12a3ebed4a6e006eabafffee22a
qwe123qwe blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:58:00
19 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 12162b9c8a32e2b2a8abffc6c6a68c6f93370d90
621621621 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:57:50
20 SHA1 754cbfb4637df4d3a89178f37eff877e47c4ea7e
junior100 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:57:44
21 MD5 48bb6e862e54f2a795ffc4e541caed4d
easy yhi 16-Jul-2019 03:57:29
22 SHA-256 f09edcb1fcefc6dfb23dc3505a882655ff77375ed8aa2d1c13f640fccc2d0c85
paule ZEROF 16-Jul-2019 03:57:15
23 SHA1 c3184adf8f787f064606376a5961c204b257acbc
cleytonbor123 Mexx666666 16-Jul-2019 03:57:10
24 SHA1 a71915ad18119ef06c51e3a63a0ce2b795a55b38
roche123 16-Jul-2019 03:56:58
25 SHA1 39549b6fdb9c6173237c4b3c8dc30f37c48fbbdc
carra1234 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:56:26
26 SHA1 4ea842c8c6304f4a418835fb6665df10524df1a5
1234567a blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:56:10
27 SHA1 7918e046c87719b851c12564d65a47629455b89b
fael6941 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:55:57
28 SHA1 2f00909f17bfb22eb00a9ef1f632b34a2ca6cc97
zaironxd3 danielyc 16-Jul-2019 03:55:46
29 SHA1 1c8b1b88134200eac3f6ea1108ac4df72d33c940
662663777m blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:55:30
30 SHA1 ad13024154b21afc236d87ea0555331e72711ab2
160261lu gearjunkie 16-Jul-2019 03:55:15
31 SHA1 47cebd608a198dd2e2d3eea444ba6da8aa948617
Elite1996 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:54:56
32 SHA1 7b11fc1c7362640524863c4c4293bb7f6c1316a8
Sandully1234 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:54:54
33 SHA1 7c4a8d09ca3762af61e59520943dc26494f8941b
123456 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:54:53
34 MD5 292bf312172b678be3d5c1c4916b7f2f
Ale8383 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:54:14
35 SHA1 09884e5823226e7e76194cdb681b0545642d4365
merda789 gearjunkie 16-Jul-2019 03:54:08
36 MySQL4.1/MySQL5 42c5c1c1c578bb790717cddffe44d752d93390c9
juniorlopo blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:53:44
37 MD5 c806d01e6f0f48e1cde02d9e98a64159
stiecrb RoebuckZ 16-Jul-2019 03:53:40
38 SHA1 088ce11cfad244d9c4b7e4d1faa579ce8e3ea022
alol1234 gearjunkie 16-Jul-2019 03:53:31
39 SHA1 088ce11cfad244d9c4b7e4d1faa579ce8e3ea022
alol1234 gearjunkie 16-Jul-2019 03:53:17
40 SHA1 3bed3f722eb550d5167d8c30b25b72451c892209
polar123 16-Jul-2019 03:53:07
41 SHA1 4ea842c8c6304f4a418835fb6665df10524df1a5
1234567a blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:56
42 SHA1 a6fc79de0c27b860bd1b165b633da90898ac0f73
mateuszeq12 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:42
43 SHA1 7c4a8d09ca3762af61e59520943dc26494f8941b
123456 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:42
44 SHA1 7421ac918cdadb19d2f660d7f167859673c90671
ABc632554 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:28
45 SHA1 b4f9f7762baf758633cd18424102304e41b5afa7
casa2255 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:22
46 SHA1 97c1c42bd4eccddcc72a726a8fbf4673127bf9d9
oscar1897 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:15
47 SHA1 17e4b876df836a843be4403c946bf05da3f303b9
pasini0256 blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:52:03
48 SHA1 491ee703b42039facf303a3fdc14fc93cd91294d
08101992a blandyuk 16-Jul-2019 03:51:44
49 MD5 3ff6bcda189984e616e408dcc330ee21
lovejesus yhi 16-Jul-2019 03:51:28
50 MD5 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3
admin yhi 16-Jul-2019 03:51:12

The MD5 message-digest algorithm is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Although MD5 was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function, it has been found to suffer from extensive vulnerabilities. It can still be used as a checksum to verify data integrity, but only against unintentional corruption. It remains suitable for other non-cryptographic purposes, for example for determining the partition for a particular key in a partitioned database. MD5 Decrypt.

In cryptography, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 160-bit (20-byte) hash value known as a message digest – typically rendered as a hexadecimal number, 40 digits long. It was designed by the United States National Security Agency, and is a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard. SHA1 Decrypt.

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